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The Arctic Advantage

Arctic Spas brand portable hot tubs are specifically designed for the extreme climates of Northern Canada, which means they last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain

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Hot Tubs – What should I look for?

Always look for quality portable hot tubs. You can find (or not find ) quality in every area of a portable spa. Here are some very important things to look for:

A strong sealed base/floor

If yes, that is good, but is it pressure treated wood, fiberglass or a thin plastic sheet? This is how Arctic does the floor. It is an insulated, pressure molded fiberglass structural base, impervious to moisture and animals.

A good hot tub cover

Remember that heat rises and the most important place to insulate your home, as well as a spa, is on top. Most manufacturers offer a standard 3″ flat cover or a 4″x 2″ tapered top. At Arctic Spas we offer the thickest most durable cover in the industry. Our hot tub covers are a 5″x 4″ tapered cover that has a foam core sealed in a foil material similar to a coffee bag, and they come with a 3 year warranty. A cover will not last as long as the spas so make sure that you purchase a cover that’s going to withstand snow loads, heavy pets, children and repels moisture.

Smart Insulation

Most hot tub spas on the market are what’s commonly called foam filled, meaning the spa cabinet to the underside of the shell is filled with foam insulation. The density of the foam may vary but they all operate on the same principle. The problem with this design, we feel, is the fact that there is no access to any of the plumbing under the shell, not to mention leaving all your expensive equipment to the mercy of Mother Nature. With your pumps, heaters and other equipment on the wrong side of the insulation, they will not be protected during a power outage or extreme temperatures. Heat travels upwards so why is it so important to have so much insulation down below? Most manufacturers are using the foam to support flimsy spa shells. What we do at Arctic Spas, is insulate our floor and walls with a high density foam insulation and do not foam our spa shell. It’s called FreeHeat. This allows us to utilize the heat generated naturally by the motors to help heat your spa water. We also have access to everything underneath the “hood”. Would you buy a new vehicle if the hood was welded shut? The most vital place to have insulation in your home is in the walls and the attic, not in the basement.


Look at the quality of the main components of the portable hot tub. For example, the main component of any hot tub is the shell (the part you sit in). The top surface of this is usually acrylic, which is the best material for a hot tub. Most manufacturers use the same type of acrylic though so this is not so relevant. However, acrylic is not structural, it is very very thin. So it is very important to look at how the shell is reinforced to prevent cracking and warping over time. Arctic Spas does this in a very unique way. The acrylic is reinforced with multiple layers of hand rolled fiberglass. This structure is so strong in an Arctic Spa that it is given a lifetime warranty. Other brands use foam or plastic or a very thin layer of fiberglass instead. This is one of the most expensive parts of a hot tub to fix so make sure to get a good quality shell.

Easy To Repair

Machines can break down. Better quality ones last longer and better brands have better warranties and service. One thing that is often overlooked in hot tub design is how to make them easy to repair. Avoid hot tubs with limited access to all of the internal plumbing and electrical components on all sides of the hot tub. A good one will have access doors on all sides and plumbing that is visible and unobstructed all the way around, like this. This feature becomes very important after the warranty expires, when it starts to cost money to pay a repair person. The less time and hassle for them the less it will cost you.

Easy to Maintain

Hot tubs should be relaxing, not a lot of work to keep clean and safe. Look for advanced water filtration and treatment systems that reduce the work you have to do. Recent advances in ozone, salt water chlorination, and automation technology have been made available in hot tubs. Arctic Spas is a leader in this area and have several features to reduce the maintenance, such as Spa Boy, a system that actually measures the water quality and adjusts it automatically to keep the water clean and safe. Good filtration and ozonation systems are important to consider as well.






Radiant Pools

Aboveground, Inground and Everything in Between!

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