Floating Dispenser

Product Description:

Floating Bromine or Chlorine tablets dispenser. For standard 1″ bromine or chlorine pucks, our deluxe dispenser releases just the right amount of sanitizer. Heavy-duty construction for years of trouble-free use.

The adjustment ring allows user to set and lock the release rate.

Product notes: For hot tubs or small swimming pools. Accepts tablets up to 1-3/8″ diameter. Also known as: brominator or chlorinator; chlorine float, bromine float, bromine dispenser. Tablets sold separately

Cal Rise

Product Description:

SpaBoss Cal Rise is the effective way to increase the Calcium Hardness of your spa or hot tub’s water The ideal range of hardness is between 150-275 ppm. Cal rise is granular and should be diluted before adding to water. Cal rise is pH neutral. High calcium hardness promotes scale formation and cloudy water, where as low calcium hardness promotes suds/foaming or water and corrosive water.

Alka Rise

Product Description

SpaBoss Alka Rise is the effective & economical way to increase the Total Alkalinity of your spa or hot tub’s water
The ideal level of total alkalinity is between 80-120 ppm. Spa Boss Alka Rise raises the total alkalininty in your spa and acts as a pH stabilizer. Alka rise will also help to raise your pH at the same time. It is important to note that a low total alkalinity will cause your pH to wander and promote corrosive water. Total alkalinity should always be balanced before adjusing pH levels.
Alka Rise is a completely soluble powder that is broadcast into the water as needed. Test regularly and adjust especially when fresh water is added.

Ultra Spa

Product Description

SpaBoss Ultra Spa is the easy & effective way to condition hot water AND soften skin in your hot tub or spa. SpaBoss Ultra Spa Water Conditioner contains a blend of borates & water conditioners plus a mild, fresh smelling fragrance giving your hot tub water a fresh scent and a softer feel. SpaBoss Ultra Spa Water Conditioner may help skin rashes that are due to drying skin caused by hot water & chemicals such as chlorine & bromine. On top of all of that, you’ll most likely find that with continued use, your hot tub’s water balance (pH & total alkalinity) will be easier to maintain

Whirl Pool Rinse

Product Description:

Spa Boss Whirlpool Rinse is an effective product to flush plumbing lines of spas/hot tubs and even jetted bath tubs. Whirlpool Rinse degreases and removes harmful residue from your tubs internal plumbing system.

How to Use – Hot Tubs:

• For Best results, keep water temperature between 25C – 30C. Pour 250 ml of Whirlpool rinse into the hot tub before draining. Switch the pump to high speed and allow water to circulate for 2 hours. Drain the hot tub and resume normal start up procedures. Repeat every 2 months or as necessary.

How to Use – Whirlpools:

• Pour 150 ml into the whirlpool bath filled with warm water. Turn the tub on for 30 minutes. Drain and wipe down with a cloth dampened with Whirlpool Rinse. repeat every month or as needed.

Filter Free

Product Description:

SpaBoss Filter Free is a granular Hot Tub Filter Cleaner that gets your filter clean & operating efficiently. It has a pH colour indicator that turns the water red when the solution is strong enough and ready to use. Filter Free is great for any kind of Spa filter, sand DE or cartridge. When used regularly, Filter Free Filter Cleaner helps to reduce chlorine or bromine demand by removing those unfilterables.


Product Description:

SpaBoss Descummer is a natural enzyme formula that is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. Descummer effectively eliminates cloudy water, scum build-up and offensive odour. This product contains natural enzymes which cause organic contaminants such as suntan oils, cosmetics and body oils to biodegrade gently. 2 or 3 applications of SpaBoss Descummer will completely eliminate the organic contaminants that cloud hot tub water, form scum and odours and clog filters and lines.

Directions for use:

• For normal spa usage, add descummer to your hot tub once a week. Add twice a week is hot tub is used frequently
• Dosage: 60ml per 1,000 Litres.

Spa Polish

Spa Boss Spa Polish is formulated to clean and polish the surface of your hot tub. Spa Polish leaves a durable, protective coat that is water repellant and unaffected by sunlight, temperature or chemicals. Excellent results on acrylic and fiberglass surfaces.

How to Use

1. Shake bottle well before use.
2. Dry the surface to be polished and remove excess dirt
3. Using a damp cloth, spread the Spa Polish evenly over an area in a circular motion
4. Allow Spa Polish to dry to a haze
5. Buff to the desired gloss with a clean dry cloth, turning frequently.