Bromine Booster

Product Description:

SpaBoss Bromine Booster is granular Sodium bromide (98%). We offer it in 2 sizes; 100g packets and 2kg containers. Bromine Booster can be used to establish a bromide reserve in hot tubs using Bromine Tablets. The Bromine Booster assures all available sanitizers in the water will be active Bromine. The result is comfortable, odourless, chlorine free water.
It can also be used in bromine generators such as the Genisis Bromine Generator and the in.clear system. It is a replacement product for the Tru-Blu Sodium Bromide product from Pioneer H2O.

How to Use when establishing bromide reserve:

• Start Up: One the hot tub has been filled with sufficient water, turn on the filtering equipment. Add 50g of Bromine Booster per 1000 litres. Add 120g of Spa Shock per 1000 litres. This will create an immediate bromine residual. Bromine tablets will maintain the bromine level at 3-5 ppm
• Periodic Maintenance: If during regular use, a bromine level is difficult to maintain, repeat the start-up instructions.

Chlor aid

Product Description:

SpaBoss Chlor-Aid (800g)
Spa Boss Chlor-Aid is a stabilized granular chlorine for Hot Tubs and Spas. SpaBoss Chlor Aid is 100% Sodium Dichlor. This powerful sanitizer is fast dissolving and completely soluble that can be used for both regular daily chlorination as well as super chlorination. Chlorine kills all forms of bacteria and algae in Hot Tub water and starts to disinfect immediately. Chlor-Aid does not affect pH or total alkalinity nor promote scale build up.
When storing granular chlorine, it should be kept it in its original container and stored in a cool, dry place. It becomes contaminated very easily when exposed to different environments, so be sure to keep exposure down to a minimum. All types of granular chlorine should be kept out of the reach of pets and children.

Spa Shock

Product Description:

Spa Boss Spa Shock is a non chlorinating shock treatment for Hot Tubs. Spa Shock is an oxidizer and can be used with chlorine and bromine sanatizing products. It also works quickly in oxidizing many kinds of contaminants that reduce the effectiveness of your hot tub’s chlorine or bromine. When used regularly, Spa Shock helps to reduce chlorine or bromine demand by removing those unfilterables. Spa Shock will not affect the water’s pH level. Spa Shock will help restore water quality and give a boost to the chlorine or bromine levels.
Chlorine-free, bromine-free containing Potassium monopersulfate (MPS).

How to Use:

• For normal use, add 3.5 oz (about 3.5 capfuls) Spa Shock per 400 gallons per week.

Spa Clear

Product Description:

SpaBoss Spa Clear is a non-toxic, super high concentrate clarifying agent that rapidly coagulates suspended particles so the deposits can be picked up by the filter. When used regularly, Spa Clear helps to reduce chlorine or bromine demand by removing those unfilterables. Spa Clear will not affect the water’s pH level. It is non-toxic, pH neutral and can be used with all sanitizers.

Spa Maintenance Kit

Product Description:

Our Hot Tub Maintenance Kit includes all the accessories you need to clean and maintain your hot tub shell and cabinet.


• Supa-Vac Underwater Vacuum
• Venturi Pump attachment (for draining your hot tub)
• Filter Sock (to collect debris)
• Filter Sock Retaining Clip
• 2.5m Drainage Hose (for emptying)
• 1.2m Telescopic Pole (3 section)
• Threaded garden hose connection
• Cleaning Mitt
• Spa Scoop
• Spa Brush
• Cover Wipes
• Scum Absorbing Disc

Prevent II

Product Description:

Spa Boss Prevent II is a weekly stain and scale treatment. It is a multipurpose concentrate that helps eliminate stain and scale formation on the spa and spa equipment. Prevent II is also a clarifier for cloudy water. It should be added weekly for effective results.
Regular use of SpaBoss Prevent II helps to enhance heater performance by eliminating the build-up of scale.

How to Use:

• Initially use 4 oz. per 500 gallons, then weekly 2 oz per 500 gallons.


Product Description:

Spa Boss Defoamer eliminates and helps to preventing foaming in the hot tub For normal spa use add just a few drops as necessary. Excessive foaming (heavy foaming the day after) means that the water is “old” & needs to be changed. A small squirt when foaming appears is all that is needed. Defoamer should be used in moderation and can be used while you are in the hot tub.

Bromine Tabs

Product Description

SpaBoss Bromine Tabs are 1.0″ diameter tablets used in spas & hot tubs. Easy to use SpaBoss Bromine Tabs effectively control bacteria that loves to grow in warm water environments. Use in a floater or other dispenser. Completely soluble. Safe & effective for all spas & hot tubs.

SpaBoss Bromine Tablets can be “recharged” with SpaBoss Spa Shock or Chlor Aid on a weekly basis.

Spa Boss Brominating Tab controls bacteria & algae in spa waters. Bromine tabs disinfect and oxidize foreign matter from pool or spa water and destroys bacteria and algae. Bromine tabs have less odour than chlorine and will not cause eye or skin irritation to most bathers. Bromine tabs also work at a wider range of pH levels than chlorine does, making it a more popular choice for hot tubs. Tabs require water flow to dissolve and should be placed in a floating dispenser and should not make direct contact with the spa or bleaching can occur. In most cases a level of 3-5 ppm of bromine should be maintained on a daily basis. A non-chlorine shock (SpaBoss Spa Shock) can be used with Bromine Tabs to regenerate the bromine levels. Bromine Tabs will reduce the pH and total alkalinity levels.