Super Tabs

• Three-inch (7 oz/200 gm), individually packaged, concentrated chlorinating tablets are our biggest sellers in the category
• 90 percent available chlorine
• Stabilized with a built-in sunscreen to prevent burn-off caused by ultra-violet rays
• Simply place the slow-dissolving, three-inch tablets in the pool skimmer or automatic chlorinator

Meta Sol

• A non-corrosive sequestering agent that bonds with dissolved metals to prevent staining and scale formation
• Removes and lifts existing scale and stains
• Prevents “bath tub” ring and scale at winter pool level when the pool is idle
• Essential for well water or when water hardness exceeds 50 ppm

Acid Magic

Acid Magic is full strength 1-to-1 replacement for muriatic acid.

This revolutionary muriatic acid product has all the cleaning etching and PH reduction properties of powerful acids but with 90% less fumes – and Acid Magic will not cause burns to intact skin
Cleans pools and spa, brick stone, grout, concrete (etching), hard surfaces, steel items, shower and bathtub tiles, toilets, sinks and much more